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Network wire connection: There are ports on the bottom of the wall device you can plug network wires into which you can use to connect directly to your devices or a personal router. This is your first troubleshooting step if you are having issues: If you can plug your computer directly into the wall device with a network wire and you can get to the internet then it is functioning properly. All other devices and cables, including a router, would be supported by that manufacturers support system. Please contact their support for assistance with setup or troubleshooting. The MSUM IT Helpdesk would not be able to assist with your personal router or other device setup.

Powering up the AP from a cold start. ie. Power failure, switch power cycle, etc.: If a device is plugged into port 1 (the far left port if you are looking at the front) there is a chance the AP will not start. If you unplug whatever is in port 1 the AP will restart normally and connect. Move whatever may be plugged into port 1 to another port. Use port 4 for game consoles or routers.

DragonConnect-Student wifi: This is the MSUM student wifi and available from the provided wall device which works great for computers and mobile devices. Connection information for the student wifi can be found at

Mstate (non MSUM) & MSUM students: use the above link for instructions to connect to the 'Eduroam' wifi. The user name format would be along with your starid password

Routers & additional devices: If you would like to connect other devices such as tv's, gaming consoles, roku, alexa's, etc then you would want to either use the "GameConsole-TV" wifi info provided below or hook up your own router to provide connections to these type of items. They will not work well on the DragonConnect Student wifi. We would like to have personal routers or game console's used in Port 4 of the wall device (right port on bottom of room access point)

Additional wifi: networks setup specifically for game consoles, tv’s, roku’s, alexa and these type of devices. This wifi will not work from dorm to dorm and is specific to the building for these devices, wifi passwords listed below correspond with their building. Listed below are the connection passwords, this should not be considered a secure network.

"GameConsole-TV" (wifi name)

Pre-Shared Key for each building:










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Resident Hall Internet

For wireless access setup and more information please see our wifi webpage Access Options